Our Concept

Garden Globe is a unique marketing and special projects platform that is committed to helping bring together the diverse sectors of our communities.

We are all-inclusive in our teaching methods as we endeavour to connect Local Business, Government, NGOs, Clubs (Garden, Sports, Special Interest) and members of the Public.

Our focus is to show how to create a positive impact on our environment and community’s well-being by fostering collaboration to deliver practical sustainable solutions to benefit future generations and our ageing population through shared living opportunities.

What We Do

Garden Globe functions as a platform that provides a range of services and initiatives to promote community engagement, sustainable practices, and positive impact. It has developed a comprehensive business plan with various components, each targeting a specific aspect of community and environmental well-being:

Garden Stories

Sharing news and information related to the platform and its activities.

Garden Clubs 

Offering a directory for individuals and groups interested in gardening and related activities.

Garden Stays

Providing accommodations with beautiful garden settings.

Garden Tours 

Organizing travel adventures centred around gardens and nature.

Garden Cuisine 

Promoting cafes and restaurants with a focus on fresh and local produce.

Garden Life 

Offering various activities and experiences related to gardens and outdoor life.

Garden Benefits

Highlighting health and relaxation aspects of gardens and nature.

Garden Events 

Organizing expos and festivals related to gardening and environmental topics.

Garden Retail 

Focusing on shopping and socializing within the gardening community.

Garden Venues

Providing spaces for weddings, celebrations, and events.

Garden Villages 

Engaging in the design, building, and maintenance of garden-focused communities.

Garden Sanctuaries 

Working on conservation and leaving legacies for future generations.

Benefits and Goals:

The main benefits and goals of Garden Globe include:

Community Collaboration: Bringing together various sectors of the community to foster collaboration and create positive change.

Environmental Stewardship: Promoting sustainable practices and conservation efforts to protect the environment.

Well-being and Health: Emphasizing the positive effects of gardens on well-being and health.

Education: Providing educational opportunities to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Legacy and Future: Working to create a positive legacy for future generations by improving the environment and community.

The logo of Garden Globe, featuring a sunflower and a sun, symbolizes energy, positivity, and growth. The sunflower’s behaviour of following the sun represents a dedication to growth and nurturing. The 12 petals reflect the months of the year and the divisions of the company. The centre of the logo, resembling the Koru, signifies new life and growth.

Garden Globe plans to reach the public through its website, social media pages, fridge calendars, maps, quarterly magazines, and competitions. The initiative has already aligned with Regional Councils in New Zealand, focusing on environmental management and collaboration with local authorities. The initial focus is on the Bay of Plenty region.

Funding for various initiatives is generated through the production of Fridge Calendars, which are distributed throughout the region. The calendars feature useful information, and local community partners, and are designed to be visually engaging and practical. The Garden Stay concept involves various forms of accommodations set within beautiful garden settings, contributing to the overall goals of the platform.

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